Want to help NJsound Test its 2017 upgrade?

2017 Upgrade Testing

NJ Sound Studio, Inc. in River Edge, New Jersey is looking for an established local band to test out our new addition to the studio.  You will receive a 4 hour session to help us test out and integrate 4 new pres into our already great sounding Langley Board.  Interested send your demo to studio@njsound.com along with links to your social media and we will review and make a selection 4/19/16.

Genres considered for the free session: Jazz, Classical, Pop, Indie, Rock, Punk, and Metal.

What in it for you?

We will make a series of videos including a live performance of the song you record that day and promote it to our extensive network getting you exposure and helping us let people know about our great studio.  

Here's what we are looking for.

  • Must have an established following. At least 2,000 fans.
  • Have recorded at least 1 EP or Album before. Preferrably more than 3 albums.
  • Can record a song live with all parts simultaneously in one take. We will capture your passion and create magic.
  • Have your own gear ( we have lots of gear we can fill in the details once we receive your demo )

We look forward to showcasing your talent and our new gear!

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